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Network administration involves the management and maintenance of computer networks, which are used to facilitate communication and data sharing among devices. This involves tasks such as configuring network devices, monitoring network traffic, troubleshooting network issues, and implementing security measures to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.



The challenge of maintaining network security increases yearly. Previously, only PCs could access the network. PDAs and smartphones are now used by people to connect. A potential target exists with every new device. Furthermore, every one adds a fresh attack vector—a way for attackers to enter your network.

Every company should have a well-planned security strategy that combines proactive and reactive measures. Preventive measures, or “pre-attack” tactics, should serve to reduce risks and vulnerabilities. The correct measures for analysing the attack’s damage and those for quickly repairing the systems or network should be included in the reactive plan, often known as the “post-attack” strategy. To help reduce or completely eliminate the likelihood of assaults and threats, VBYTE experts may assist you in performing a thorough risk assessment and defining a network security strategy.

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